August whisky releases

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Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Element Series Sherry Cask ($225) – Reviewed here

The first release single malt whisky from Manly Spirits Co. Full story in our interview here.

78 Degrees Distillery Muscat Finish ($149) – Reviewed here

The new release from the Adelaide Hills, where the 78 Degrees Australian whiskey has been finished in Muscat casks from Rutherglen. The team are also set to release a smoked whisky soon.

McHenry Distillery Single Malt Whisky ‘Koyo’ Cask Strength ($240)

A number of whiskies have been released by McHenry Distillery in Tassie over last couple months. This latest bottling was matured in a 200 litre ex-Bourbon cask for just over seven years.

Sullivans Cove Special Cask Edition #12 Frontignac Cask ($750) – Reviewed here

Sullivans Cove’s latest Special Cask release (reviewed above), matured for 12 years in a single American oak ex-frontignac cask.

Sullivans Cove Old & Rare Double Cask DC0R01 The Oak Barrel Exclusive ($699) – Reviewed here

The first Old & Rare edition of Sullivans Cove’s Double Cask line, released exclusively with The Oak Barrel. Check out the component whiskies here. Epic.

Fleurieu Distillery Single Malt Whisky The Bivuoac ($180)

Big news on this one, as Ange and Gareth say this will be last Fleurieu bottling under this label before a re-brand. The Bivuoac is a vatting of a 2nd fill tawny barrels along with apera and PX casks.

Black Gate Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength 5 Year Old Apera BG047 ($220)

Black Gate’s oldest release to date was just bottled. A 5 year old apera cask single malt coming in at a whopping 68.1% natural cask strength.

Bakery Hill Single Malt Whisky Apera Finish ($185) – Reviewed here

Bakery Hill are putting out their first single malt matured in ex-fortified wine casks, an apera-finish at standard strength and cask strength. To be released in early September and bottled unfiltered.

Stubborn Russian Imperial Stout Whisky ($149) 

A collaboration between Bright Brewery and Backwoods Distilling Co. where Bright’s 2019 Stubborn Russian Imperial Stout was distilled by Backwoods and then aged in French oak casks.

Lark Wolf Release IV Single Malt Whisky ($279)

Lark’s annual colloboration with Wolf of the Willows Brewery continues with this latest porter-matured malt.