December whisky releases

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Transportation Whiskey Tasmanian Single Pot Still Release #1 Ticket of Leave

A long story this one, and we’ll have the full picture for you in 2023. But this is the first release from John Halton’s Transportation Whiskey brand, launched a few weeks back. It was created in the Irish single pot still style in partnership with Damian Mackey, creator of the Mackey Whisky brand and formerly of Shene Distillery. From a mash of 60% malted barley, 30% unmalted barley and 10% oats, this was then triple distilled by Halton and Mackey at what will become Hunter Island Distillery, set to open in Hobart in early 2023. 

Craft Works Son of a Beast Single Malt Whisky ($175)

Craig ‘Crafty’ Field’s latest release from Craft Works Distillery, matured in a 2nd fill Pieter van Gent vintage port cask and bottled at a whopping 66.7%!

Taylor & Smith Distilling Co. Single Malt Whisky Port, Rum and Brandy Cask ($165-$195)

Taylor & Smith Distilling Co. in Hobart recently released three single casks matured in ex-port, rum and brandy casks.

Amber Lane Distillery Sleigh Bells Sherry Cask ($195)

A festive season release from Amber Lane Distillery, matured exclusively in a Spanish Pedro Ximénez cask.

Iniquity Den’s Dram – Lazy Daze Single Malt Whisky ($99)

A festive summer whisky release from Tin Shed Distilling Co. matured for three years in an ex-Bourbon barrel.

Winding Road Distilling Co. Hinterland Single Malt Whisky Release #2 ($165)

The second release from Winding Road Distilling Co. up on the northern NSW coast. This release was matured in a 225 litre ex-apera cask for almost 3.5 years.