April whisky releases

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Woodwater Distillery Red Gum Cask Single Malt Whisky ($259)

Another native wood matured whisky to explore here. This is the third release from Justin Mok’s Woodwater Distillery based in South Australia. It was matured for three years in a 100 litre red gum cask, the wood from which came from a wine vat that previously held fortifieds for around 20 years before being re-coopered.

Imbue Distillery Angel’s Share Whisky: Triple Wood and Sherry Cask

Melbourne’s Imbue Distillery have just hit the Australian whisky scene with two bottlings from their Angel’s Share range: an ex-fino sherry cask matured single malt aged for 2.5 years, and a Triple Wood expression also matured for 2.5 years, firstly in a Gospel Rye Solera barrel then in a brandy and PX sherry cask.

Starward Stout Cask Single Malt Whisky ($169)

Starward have just released a Stout Cask finished whisky for their growing legion of fans. The ballot for this one opens June 4th.

Archie Rose Dry Grown Rye Malt Whisky Harvest 2019 ($149)

The second release in Archie Rose’s Harvest Whisky series. This one uses varieties of barley and heirloom rye, including ancient purple and black malts.

36 Short Distillery Single Malt Whisky ($99)

The latest single malt from Adelaide’s 36 Short Distillery has just landed, matured in American oak casks and then further matured in ex-Bourbon casks.

Callington Mill Distillery new core range ($149)

A new core range was recently released by Tasmania’s Callington Mill Distillery: Fusion, matured in ex-port and sherry casks; Invicta, matured solely in ex-port casks; and El Sol matured in a variety of ex-sherry casks.

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers The Blend 2 (Oat+Malt+Peat)

‘The Blend 2’ was just released by Tim Duckett under his inimitable Heartwood/TIB label. We’re big fans of these blends, and this one is composed of peated malt whisky from Adams Distillery and oat whisky from Belgrove Distillery matured in sherry casks. Worth seeking out. 

Overeem Tokay Cask Finish for The Whisky Club ($195)

The Whisky Club recently unveiled a new Overeem bottling, matured in a combination of port and sherry casks and then finished in South Australian tokay casks.

Whisky in Isolation ‘The Joy of Six’ Chief’s Son Distillery ($195)

The latest bottling from Justin Farmer’s Whisky in Isolation label. This is a marriage of French oak apera casks from Chief’s Son Distillery matured for over 6.5 years, making this the oldest Chief’s Son Distillery whisky bottled so far.

Highwayman Whisky Barrel & Batch #3.9 Bourbon/Rye/Maple Syrup ($250)

A recent collaboration bottling between Barrel & Batch and Highwayman’s Dan Woolley. Peated Highwayman spirit was initially matured in different ex-Bourbon barrels for just over 2.5 years and then finished in a 40 litre ex-rye whiskey/maple syrup cask.