July whisky releases

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Overeem Muscat Cask Single Malt Whisky ($249)

Originally matured for five years in port and sherry casks, that whisky was then further matured in a muscat cask for a further three years.

Jones & Smith Distillery First Release Whisky Collection ($395)

The first single malt whisky to hail from the Orange region. For Jones & Smith Distillery’s first release, two single malts, one matured in a French oak sherry cask and the other matured in an American Bourbon cask, we’re revealed in this bespoke collector’s pack.

Woodwater Distillery Single Malt Whisky First Release Tawny and Chardonnay Cask ($549)

First release single malts from Woodwater Distillery. Owner Justin Mok distilled these whiskies at McLaren Vale Distillery and then matured each in quality local wine casks.


Iniquity Anomaly Series Flustercluck Too Single Malt Whisky ($184)

The follow-up to Iniquity’s first Flustercluck bottling. Matured for three years in two 100 litre American oak port casks, featuring Parawa peat smoke, then married with some unpeated four year old French oak cask matured whisky.