July whisky releases

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Adams Signature Series 1 ($145)

Adams Distillery have just launched the Signature Series. Said to express Adams’ signature profile, the whisky is matured in ex-Bourbon, sherry and pinot noir casks and is available at 41% and 58% ABV.

Spirit Thief Distilling Co. Cellar Reserve Series ($188) – Reviewed here

Three bottlings were just released in the latest Spirit Thief Distilling Co. offering, one American oak shiraz cask whisky and two temperanillo casks.

Iniquity Peated Shiraz Solera Single Malt Whisky ($95) – Reviewed here

A newie from Tin Shed Distilling Co. at a very affordable price.

147.1 Jacaranda Jam 2 Year Old by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society ($199) – Reviewed here

The first Australian whisky cask bottled by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Lark Rare Cask Mizunara ($1000)

The latest in the rare cask series. Hmm…

Starward Unexpeated Single Malt Whisky ($149) – Reviewed here

The latest in Starward’s Project series. Initially matured in red wine casks before undergoing a finish in casks that previously contained a peated Islay malt whisky.

Tria Prima First Release Single Malt Whiskies ($240) – Reviewed here

First release whiskies from South Australia’s Tria Prima Distillery.

Launceston Distillery Muscat Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky ($196) – Reviewed here

One of the first Tassie Whisky Week bottlings to be announced. Awesomely, the whisky also comes with a bottle of Holm Oak Hog & d’Hound muscat (the first contents of the cask).

Furneaux Distillery Smoky Wedding Double Oak ($188) – Reviewed here

The latest from Furneaux Distillery. A combination of Flinders and Scottish peated barley, with spirit matured in a combination of French oak tawny and American oak Bourbon casks.

The Aisling Distillery Royalty Special Edition Shiraz Cask ($149) – Reviewed here

Upcoming release from The Aisling Distillery, matured in a 200 litre shiraz cask.