July whisky releases

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Adams Signature Series 1 ($145)

Adams Distillery have just launched the Signature Series. Said to express Adams’ signature profile, the whisky is matured in ex-Bourbon, sherry and pinot noir casks and is available at 41% and 58% ABV.

Spirit Thief Distilling Co. Cellar Reserve Series ($188)

Three bottlings were just released in the latest Spirit Thief Distilling Co. offering, one American oak shiraz cask whisky and two temperanillo casks.

Iniquity Peated Shiraz Solera Single Malt Whisky ($95)

A newie from Tin Shed Distilling Co. at a very affordable price.

147.1 Jacaranda Jam 2 Year Old by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society ($199)

The first Australian whisky cask bottled by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Lark Rare Cask Mizunara ($1000)

The latest in the rare cask series. Hmm…

Starward Unexpeated Single Malt Whisky ($149)

The latest in Starward’s Project series. Initially matured in red wine casks before undergoing a finish in casks that previously contained a peated Islay malt whisky.

Tria Prima First Release Single Malt Whiskies ($240)

First release whiskies from South Australia’s Tria Prima Distillery.

Launceston Distillery Muscat Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky ($196)

One of the first Tassie Whisky Week bottlings to be announced. Awesomely, the whisky also comes with a bottle of Holm Oak Hog & d’Hound muscat (the first contents of the cask).

Furneaux Distillery Smoky Wedding Double Oak ($188)

The latest from Furneaux Distillery. A combination of Flinders and Scottish peated barley, with spirit matured in a combination of French oak tawny and American oak Bourbon casks.

The Aisling Distillery Royalty Special Edition Shiraz Cask ($149)

Upcoming release from The Aisling Distillery, matured in a 200 litre shiraz cask.