May whisky releases

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Winding Road Hinterland Single Malt Whisky ($185-$245)

First release from Winding Road Distilling Co. Coming out of Tintenbar on the Far North New South Wales Coast, the distillery has already won over a legion of fans with its rums, and this first single malt was created with a variety of malts and matured in 125 litre ex-shiraz casks from the Barossa Valley.

Lawrenny Descension Single Malt Whisky ($199)

The latest release from Lawrenny Distilling, matured in Bourbon and port casks and finished in Boal Madeira casks.

Bakery Hill High Seas Single Malt Whisky ($280)

Bakery Hill continues its run of 10+ year old malts with this latest peated whisky. High Seas was matured for 11 years in a cask which previously contained a Scottish malt from Orkney that starts with ‘H’.

The Gospel Fortified Cask Rye Whiskey ($135)

The latest Gospel projects bottling, initally matured in new American oak barrels and then finished for 6 months in fortified casks – apera, chardonnay, tawny and fortified semillon.

Backwoods Single Malt Whisky Shiraz Cask ($139)

The latest single malt whisky from Backwoods Distilling, matured in two 100 litre shiraz casks from the Barossa.

78 Degrees Native Grain Whiskey Weeping Grass 2022 ($450)

This year’s vintage of 78 Degrees Native Grain Whiskey launched this week.

Lark Origins Single Malt Whisky ($299)

Bottled for the 30th anniversary celebration of Lark whisky.

Lark Glenfarclas Rare Cask Release ($999)

Another Lark anniversary whisky, this time finished in casks that previously held 15 year old Glenfarclas.

Hobart Whisky Pedro Ximenez Solera ($165)

A new core range addition to Hobart Whisky’s stable, where whisky will be progressively bottled from a pedro ximenez cask.

Whisky in Isolation Nearly New York Sour Single Malt Whisky ($185)

The first release from Justin Farmer’s Whisky in Isolation independent bottling label. A marriage of three shiraz casks from Spirit Thief Distilling Co. has been further matured in an ex-Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel.

Starward Ginger Beer Cask #7 ($149)

The seventh iteration of Starward’s popular ginger beer cask matured single malt whisky.