March whisky releases

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Starward Hungarian Oak  ($150)

The third release in Starward’s small batch series, matured in ex-Hungarian oak red wine casks and charred Hungarian oak casks.

Archie Rose High Test Molasses  ($149)

The sixth release in Archie Rose’s Trials and Exceptions series. This sees the Archie single malt finished in the distillery’s very own high-test molasses rum casks.

Lark Legacy Single Malt Whisky 20 Year Old ($2499.99) 

Distilled by Bill Lark at Sullivans Cove, matured for 15 years in a French oak (tawny?) cask and further matured for five years in a first-fill Bourbon cask. And no, that price isn’t a typo.

Ned Whisky Single Barrel 01 Cognac Finish ($120)

A single barrel release from Ned Whisky, the first in an experimental barrel finish series. An XO Cognac was used to season a new American oak cask which was then used to finish Ned sour mash whisky.