June whisky releases

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Upshot PX Sherry Cask Whiskey ($180)

Upshot’s latest limited release bottling, matured for four and a half years in ex-PX and muscat casks from MyattsField Winery in the Perth Hills.

Belgrove Bogan Burnout Heavily Peated Malt Whisky ($150)

Peter Bignell’s latest attempt at making the world’s most heavily peated whisky. Polarising stuff, but completely original, as you’d expect from one of Tassie’s truly pioneering whisky makers.

Archie Rose Good(e) Whisky ($129)

This one came about after Archie Rose cellar hand (now distiller) Tim Goode accidentally vatted some single malt and rye malt whisky together. When the mixture was eventually tasted, the team liked it and decided to add a few more casks of each to further refine the whole and bottle it.

Mount Compass ‘Contempt’ Single Barrel Australian Grain Whisky ($85-105)

First whisky release from Mount Compass Spirits an hour south of Adelaide, quietly released a couple months ago. Presumably a wheat spirit base matured in ex-Bourbon casks, the first release was split into standard strength (45.7%) and cask strength (55.9%) bottlings.

Ned Whisky Single Barrel 02: Shiraz Wine Finish

The second single barrel release from Ned Whisky, this time taking their sour mash whisky and finishing it in an ex-shiraz cask from the Mount Langi Ghiran Vineyard in Victoria. 

Sullivans Cove American Oak Old & Rare 2nd Fill

The latest Old & Rare bottling from Sullivans Cove. Originally, this cask, a virgin American oak cask, matured Sullivans Cove whisky in the 1990s. It was then refilled with Sullivans single malt and left for 16 years to slumber.

Overeem Stout Cask Single Malt Whisky ($299)

This limited release from Overeem started its maturation life in classic port casks and was then finished in a stout cask supplied by a local Tassie brewery.

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Sawford Release #1

Speaking of Overeem, Tim Duckett recently released a Sawford independent bottling. Sawford was the single malt whisky brand Jane and Mark Sawford created before buying back Overeem, and this is Duckett’s take on their spirit. 

Single Cask Nation Backwoods Australian Rye Whiskey 

U.S. Independent bottler Single Cask Nation recently released their first Australian whisky from Backwoods Distilling Co., a rye that spent three years maturing in an ex-Australian shiraz cask. Only available in the United States.

Dark Mofo Releases 2022

Sullivans Cove Winter Feast ‘Witches Brew’ 2022

This year’s Sullivans Cove Winter Feast bottling was again created by masterful distillery manager Heather Tillott using an assortment of unique Sullivans’ malt components.

Killara Dark Mofo 2022 Special Release KD33 ($265)

Killara’s Dark Mofo bottling for 2022 was matured for four years in a 100 litre ex-tawny cask and then finished in an Australian rum cask for four weeks.

Hobart Whisky Winter Feast 2022: Smoky Bacon Maple Syrup Cask ($195)

In the same vein as previous HW Feast bottlings, this was finished for seven months in a cask that was infused with sweet bacon smoke and seasoned with maple syrup.

Dark Lark Single Malt Whisky ($249)

Given a bigger run this year, the Dark Lark 2022 was matured exclusively in ex-muscat casks.

Spirit Thief American Oak Cabernet & Peated Stout Finish Dark Mofo 2022 ($225)

Created for this year’s Winter Feast, this was initially matured in an American oak cabernet cask before being finished for 12 months in a peated imperial stout cask (not pictured).