August whisky releases

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Starward Peated Finish Single Malt Whisky ($149)

Starward’s second peated release using ex-Islay casks for finishing. The team took three year old maturing red wine cask whisky and transferred it into heavily saturated peated casks where it was left to finish for 18 months.

Camborne Single Malt Whisky First Release Range ($275 each)

The long-waited first release whiskies from the renowned St Agnes Distillery. Four single cask Camborne expressions have been bottled for this first release, each diluted to an optimal ABV: Tawny Cask (51.8%), Sherry Cask (47.6%), XO Brandy Cask (46.3%) and Shiraz Wine Cask (46.2%).

Morris Smoked Muscat Single Malt Whisky ($189)

Born out of a collaboration between head distiller Darren Peck and head cooper Anton Remkes. The two experimented extensively with the barrel-charring process to bring a surprisingly intense smoky character to the Morris muscat profile.

Lark Wolf Release V ($280)

The fifth year release of Lark’s collaboration with Wolf of the Willows Brewing, where the whisky has been matured in casks that previously held Wolf’s Johnny Smoke Porter.