April whisky releases

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Amber Lane Distillery First Release Single Malt Whisky #147 ($179)

The first release from the Amber Lane Distillery in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast. Matured in a combination of ex-apera, Bourbon and PX casks.

Furneaux Sawyers Bay Unpeated and Flinders Island Peated ($200 & $220)

Two recent releases from Furneaux Distillery, the Sawyers Bay Unpeated and the Flinders Island Peated. The latter is the first Furneaux to be wholly peated, distilled and matured on Flinders Island.

Archie Rose Single Paddock Harvest Rye Malt Whisky ($249)

The first in Archie Rose’s new Harvest series. It starts with a mash of three rye malts and one pale malt, including Heritage Rye from a single paddock grown by the Whytcross family in Barellan, wild fermented with a saison yeast and matured for just under three years in new American oak.

Morris Tokay Barrel for The Whisky Club ($135)

An exclusive release by The Whisky Club, where Morris single malt was initially matured in rejuvenated wine casks before being finished in topaque barrels that previously held Morris’ Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque.

Backwoods Red Gum Cask Rye Whisky #2 ($195)

The latest Backwoods red gum was recently released. It’s a vatting of two 100 litre casks re-coopered from ex-Barossa Valley red gum wine vats.

Highwayman Whisky Batch #3.0 Fires to Floods ($249)

The first peated whisky from Dan Woolley’s Highwayman, a marriage of unpeated and peated casks with whiskies that range from 2 to 3.5 years old. 17 different casks were used, including PX sherry, tawny, red wine and Bourbon casks.

Manly Spirits Co. Coastal Stone Pinot Cask, Shiraz Cask and Port Cask Single Malt Whiskies  ($150-$195)

Manly Spirits Co. recently released the final whiskies in their Coastal Stone Element Series single malt range, matured in ex-pinot, shiraz and port casks.

Hobart Whisky Cognac Finish For The Whisky List ($159)

A collaboration bottling between Hobart Whisky and The Whisky List, initially matured in ex-Bourbon casks and then finished in ex-Cognac casks.