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The Story

‘Go big or go home’. Even five years ago, you were more likely to spot an extinct old tiger than hear a Tasmanian whisky producer utter such a phrase. But this is the motto driving Adams Distillery, which has always looked to forge a different path to the many small-scale distilleries that have emerged in Tasmania over the last 25 years.

The Adam’s behind the distillery, Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders, the former a paramedic, the latter a master builder, developed a partnership in 2014 around the idea of opening their own whisky distillery. The pair initially tried to set up in central Launceston, but the council didn’t warm to that and the project was then moved to Glen Ireh Estate near the town of Perth, 20 minutes south, where a family connection granted them some land for the distillery.

Whisky production began in October 2016, and a number of Tasmanian distilling figures mentored the Adam’s in the design of the spirit. In the early days, the distillery’s willingness to sell spirit in bulk to separate companies and independent bottlers also set them apart. The Brisbane-based Art of Booze was one of the first to get on board, and they’ll eventually bottle their own Tasmanian whisky label using Adams and Killara whisky. Independent bottlers Heartwood/TIB and Dark Valley Whisky have also purchased spirit, and the distillery continues to produce whisky for several other companies.

Eyeing expansion, Adams took on investment from Glen Ireh Estate’s owner, Professor Berni Einoder, a renowned Tasmanian surgeon, taking the total figure spent on the project to over $1.7 million. The first Adams single malt was then released in late 2018 from a marriage of three ex-apera casks, and subsequent bottlings have been matured in barrels previously containing tawny and pinot noir, while Bourbon and shiraz casks have also been filled. The core range Signature Series was then released in July 2021 matured in ex-Bourbon, sherry and pinot noir casks and available at 41% and 58% ABV.

The texture and weight of the Adam’s spirit has also been lauded by a number of distillers and enthusiasts. A unique malt profile has certainly contributed, with pilsner malt, crystal malt and a German beachwood smoked malt employed. And the still design, with short heads and descending lyne arms, helps to capture a thick and heavy distillate.

The pace of change at the distillery has been frenetic. A large visitor centre and bar was completed in late 2018. Barley was also planted in an adjacent field around the same time to create a Glen Ireh Estate single malt. Then there’s Adams beer label, Grand Angus Brewing, which launched in 2018, and even a new onsite cooperage, Transwood, operated by the Schmeider family, who’ve been coopering in Bundaberg (primarily for Bundy Rum) since 1982.

There’s no holding back here. It’s hoped the distillery will become one of northern Tasmania’s central visitor hubs, and that their whisky and gin (we forgot to mention the gin, didn’t we?) can become prominent Tasmanian brands.

Just as all the work and infrastructure was finally falling in place, tragically, a fire devastated the distillery in February 2021, causing serious injury to distillery worker Greg Longmore and destroying the main distillery building. Whisky stocks were left unscathed, and Longmore has gradually recovered from his injuries. The Adams team are now re-building the distillery shed and looking to continue their plans for expansion in future.

The Stats
  • Founded: 2015
  • Style: Single malt whisky
  • Stills: 5500 litre spirit still, 12,500 litre wash still by Stillsmiths Tasmania
  • Capacity: Currently, 60,000 litres produced annually. Potential for 500,000 litres.
  • Address: Glen Ireh Estate, 35 Drummond St, Perth, Tasmania.
  • Phone: 0459 479 040
  • Open Hours: Tours by appointment