Overeem Whisky relaunches under family ownership

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Overeem Whisky has been relaunched by Jane and Mark Sawford following their purchase of the business from Lark Distilling Co.

In February of this year, Oz Whisky Review broke the news that Lark Distilling Co had sold the Overeem Whisky brand to Jane and Mark Sawford to increase its focus on Lark single malt and return Overeem to its founding family.

The sale was settled Tuesday, June 30th, and Jane and Mark have now taken full control of the brand and the business.

‘We’re so excited to be carrying Overeem Whisky into the future and continuing what dad started,’ Jane told Oz Whisky Review.


Jane and Mark Sawford – Supplied


One of the first key changes will be a reduction in the price of the Overeem core range of single malts, with the port, sherry and Bourbon matured expressions (700ml) now available for $195.

The pricing of Australian whisky, particularly Tasmanian, has been a hot topic of late. But Jane says the decision to set new price points for Overeem whiskies has been made to better reflect the original intention and vision for Overeem.

‘We want Overeem to be enjoyed by so many. We don’t want it to be unaffordable, particularly to buy a nip at a bar. We just want people to be enjoying it rather than having it sit on the shelf.’


Overeem core range of single malts


The Overeem range, including the cask strength bottlings, is now available to order on the brand’s new website, although the sherry 43% expression is currently out of stock and will be returning ‘very soon’. The Bourbon matured expressions will become available again in 2021.

A number of Overeem collaborations, events and bottlings will also be launched over the next six months.